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Your Business’s Virtual Presence™

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In today’s remote world, your Virtual Presence™ matters more than ever. Your company’s digital elements including website, internal and external communications such as virtual meetings, and data are all instrumental components of your business’s Virtual Presence.

If your business’s data is not backed up on the cloud, then a hardware issue, virus, or loss of institutional knowledge due to employee departure can be detrimental to your business. Compromised data compromises your business.

Digicon’s Virtual Presence solutions offer reliable, scalable, and secure IT solutions using the latest virtual technologies to meet the demands of today’s remote workforce. Virtual Presence offerings include desktop virtualization, cloud computing, network optimization, and web conferencing through our .office Live product.

Let’s take a deeper look at what Digicon’s Virtual Presence solutions include.


Desktop virtualization with Digicon

Desktop virtualization allows you to use any computing device to access your operating system and desktop environment. The workspace you’re used to accessing is no longer attached to a single computer, giving you and your employees the flexibility needed for remote work while keeping your corporate resources secure. This replaces traditional, costly, time-consuming PC desktop life cycle management with a more efficient solution to meet today’s demands for lower costs, tighter security, and greater flexibility. With desktop virtualization, your IT provider centrally stores and manages one instance of an operating system, applications, and user settings, then dynamically assembles them on demand.



Cloud computing with DigiconCloud computing technology hosts computing services in centralized data centers and provides access to them via the Internet. You don’t need physical server hardware, so you don’t have to maintain and upgrade it. Benefits include instant scalability, reduced IT costs because you’re only charged on a usage basis, and improved security because the service provider manages every aspect of the service (except the device used to access it).



Network optimization with DigiconNetwork optimization addresses serious wide area network (WAN) issues that result from limited bandwidth, poor network infrastructure, or poor security. Businesses and government are increasingly reliant on the Internet as a business tool; the plethora of equipment and services that now use the Internet can really strain a network that isn’t properly prepared for the load. Our Virtual Presence network optimization connects the data center and users with networking technologies that accelerate delivery of computing services to users.



Web conferencingWeb conferencing is essential for today’s workplace. Digicon’s .office Live system is a better, secure way to conduct web meetings or video conferences using only a web browser—no software downloads needed. Plus, it’s packed with features, including the ability to start and pause recordings at any time and share a recorded meeting later on with a link.



Digicon's 24/7/365 Network Operations Support CenterDigicon also has a 24/7/365 Network Operations Support Center so we can keep a watchful eye on your network at all times. Our team helps you anticipate and prevent problems, as well as resolve any issues that may arise. We are able to serve any business remotely.




Data Security and Management Concerns

Traditional backup methods have relied on physical servers, expensive maintenance and management solutions, and scaling predictions based on uncertain estimates and projections. Digicon’s Virtual Presence solution is superior to traditional backup methods because it mitigates or negates the concerns discussed below.

Capacity PlanningCapacity Planning: Capacity planning is difficult because today’s prudent, economical solution is rarely scalable to tomorrow’s data storage challenges. The total cost of ownership will inevitably include a largely unpredictable replacement cost somewhere down the road. Worse, as many businesses discover, organizations often find themselves forcibly scaling an obsolete system, thereby decreasing its overall efficiency and missing out on qualitative improvements afforded by newer technologies.



Off-Site StorageOff-Site Storage: To get the most for their money, businesses must fully capture the scope of their data backup requirements, which means businesses must accurately predict the (often very significant) increase in their data volume over the next several years in order to paint a reasonably accurate picture of their upcoming costs. This calculation is further complicated by the difficulty in predicting how their remote backup vendor will vary its prices in response to everything from market competition to technological improvement and breakthroughs.



Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery: Having a plan to follow in the event of system outages and loss of access to important IT resources is always important—but, even if all goes according to plan, there can still be problems with the backup unit. If your data isn’t properly, securely, and definitely backed up to reliable storage, then your disaster recovery process will not succeed.



Decentralized ManagementDecentralized Management: Backups, both remote and on site, are frequently complicated by decentralized management. It is not uncommon for the backup software to be a mandatory installation on every system that is being backed up, creating an unmanageable number of disparate systems that make restorations unnecessarily complex and time consuming.



Get Results with Virtual Presence

The foundation of Virtual Presence’s cloud infrastructure suite uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most trusted, widely deployed virtualization platform in the world. Virtual Presence is architected to support the broadest range of virtual and cloud infrastructure needs. It delivers better application performance and availability for all business-critical applications, while introducing advanced automation capabilities to free IT from manual processes and be more responsive to the needs of your organization. Virtual Presence adds value to:

  • Increase IT productivity while reducing operational costs, pare back energy use, and use existing equipment efficiently
  • Protect confidential data by granting flexible, multi-level access to authorized personnel
  • Enable telework programs and rapid disaster recovery by ensuring that desktops, applications, and data are accessible at any time, anywhere, on any device
  • Simplify staff mobility with uninterrupted, secure, and instant access to desktops and applications as employees work from location to location, device to device, and network to network
  • Move to the cloud to share applications, resources, software, and information, as well as respond and adapt to evolving needs while maintaining peak versatility and value
  • Transition to a thin-client environment and cut energy use and maintenance costs while ensuring that sensitive information is tightly monitored
  • Support green IT initiatives with a dramatic reduction in the costs of powering and cooling data centers and prolong the life of user devices


Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency, and Meet Regulatory Demands

Public sector decision-makers are taking bold steps to improve IT management and operations, spurred by fiscal and budgetary pressures as well as hot-button issues such as cybersecurity, the need to improve services, and new teleworking program requirements. Virtual Presence computing supports these efforts with reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable products and solutions that help companies address key mandates.

Virtual Presence helps businesses and government bodies at all levels—federal, state, and local—to support their organizations across any number of locations through a secure, highly cost-effective, centralized infrastructure that ensures business continuity and rapid disaster recovery.

If your business need assistance to thrive in the digital world, connect with us. Digicon’s Virtual Presence will fully meet your remote workforce, cloud, and backup requirements while providing the infrastructure and support your company needs for the future.

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